17 Mar

Bibbulmun – S8 – Walpole

13 March – 17 March 2019 | Days 24 – 28

Kilometres 740.0 – 862.1 >>> 122.1 (75.8 mi)

I ended up spending even more time in Walpole waiting for another phone call. I only made it back to trail at one o’clock.

Leaving Walpole I stopped at the Giant Tingle Tree, which was pretty impressive.

The Giant Tingle Tree

The rest of the day was unremarkable, except for a bit more rain. Eventually I made it to Frankland River shelter by just before five.

Frankland River shelter

Next morning I was on trail by eight, and it was a beautiful day. It started off with a forest section…

It’s a forest.

… but soon opened up to gorgeous views out to the ocean.

Looking towards Peaceful Bay from the corner of Nut and Plot Road.

It was a beautiful, sunny day and I was walking around with a perpetual grin on my face. It was great to walk on the beaches.

In the weeds at Conspicuous Beach.

Eventually I arrived at Rame Head shelter at a quarter to five. I was all excited, because the location is stunning. Up on the dunes, with views over the ocean.

At Rame Head shelter.

It was windy and cool, but I persevered as long as I could, sitting at the outside bench. Eventually though the cold drove me into my sleeping bag for the night.

I was a bit slow to get up in the morning. I wasn’t on trail until twenty past eight. It was another warm and sunny day and as I was reaching the beaches by about ten, I suddenly felt compelled to throw myself into the waves.

Going for a swim at The Gap beach

It was fabulous and refreshing and washed out my clothes as well. It would dry out in no time anyway.

Waves breaking.

Around three in the afternoon, I arrived at the boat house at the Irwin Inlet. It’s the only permanent water crossing on the Bibbulmun and the trail provides yellow plastic canoes for the purpose. To ensure that there are always canoes available on both sides of the trail, you need to paddle across, paddle back with a second canoe in toe, and then go back a third time.

Not just a hiking trail.

It was great fun and a nice change to walking.

Crossing the Irwin Inlet.

Eventually I finished my crossings and continued on the trail.

In the Quarram Nature Reserve.

The trail meandered away and back to the beaches and it was really pleasant to hear, smell, and see the ocean so close by.

Little Quarram Beach.

Because I was enjoying the beaches so much, I’d been dawdling, and was therefore running late. Sunset was at 6:31 pm and I didn’t make to Boat Harbour shelter until seven. It allowed me to watch the sunset from the trail though and it was beautiful.

Watching the sunset as I’m approaching the Boat Harbour shelter.

The next morning I was even more lazy and wasn’t back out walking until a quarter to nine.

Following the beach east of Boat Harbour.

At first the trail followed the beach, but quickly moved up into the dunes that offered some fantastic views.

Looking back towards Boat Harbour.
North west of Point Hillier.

Eventually the trail descends towards Perry Beach and then follows the beach for eight kilometres out to Greens Pool.

Gotta love the ocean.

From there the trail moves up into the dunes to William Bay shelter. Even though it wasn’t even three in the afternoon, I decided to stay. It was such a beautiful place. The town of Denmark is only twelve kilometres away and if I’d have kept going I would’ve reached it probably only at around six in the evening.

View from William Bay shelter.

The next morning was cold and foggy, but I actually managed to get up before eight.

It’s a bit misty, just outside William Bay shelter.

The trail briefly made its way back down to the beach, …

Looking out over Nudie Beach.

… before climbing up to Mount Hallowell.

In the clouds on Mount Hallowell.

It was cool climbing Mount Hallowell in the fog and rain. Not that I could admire any of the views, but the trail was fantastic nonetheless.

Eventually though, the trail descended down towards Denmark. I booked myself into the Denmark Hotel and River Rooms Motel on Hollings Road and enjoyed a joyful afternoon in town.

Denmark is really pretty.

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