12 Mar

Bibbulmun – S7 – Northcliffe

9 March – 12 March 2019 | Days 20 – 23

Kilometres 612.7 – 740.0 >>> 127.3 (79.1 mi)

For once I was up early and had everything packed up by ten to six. The weather was overcast and foggy and I definitely expected rain for the day.

Misty morning

Shortly after I’d left my campsite, I came across a beautiful field, full of red bottlebrush.

Red Bottlebrush

Around noon I briefly stopped at the Lake Maringup campsite to fill up with water, but didn’t stay for lunch.

Approaching the Lake Maringup campsite

I felt really good and marched on. The weather was perfect for hiking. Intermittent rain, overcast, and cool. It made for a beautiful landscape as well.

Near the Deeside Coast Road

I stopped for camp at twenty to six at the Dog Pool shelter. I’d done 48.8 km (damn, so near to doing a fifty). Amazingly, I actually ran into another hiker. Phatmandu was an older chap in his sixties and we ended up chatting into the evening. Eventually though we disappeared to bed.

The next morning was still overcast, but it was clearing up and there was no more rain either. Phatmandu had left camp before me. I didn’t even hear him leave.

A bit west of Pingerup Road.

I was walking through an old burn and it was beautiful to see all that fresh green sprouting out again. I also ran into Phatmandu again and hiked with him to the Mount Chance campsite, where I left him behind. It had been nice having a fellow hiker around for a change.

New green in an old burn

I made it to the Woolbale shelter by twenty to five. Although I was tempted to move on and have another night in the bush, I decided to be lazy and just stay there. It was nice to just sit and watch the sun going down.

Woolbale Shelter

The next morning I got up all excited, because I knew I’d finally get to the ocean. The weather was still variable and I started with an overcast sky.

On Wool Bale Road

It wasn’t long until the scenery changed and I could tell that I was getting very close to the coast.

It’s raining once again.

And finally I saw the ocean in the distance.

Finally open water

I was supremely happy and it was beautiful to wander on the coastal dunes.

Getting closer

As I was approaching the beach area, the weather cleared up as well, and the clouds were breaking up.

Blue ocean, blue sky

It was beautiful as the sun came out and I stopped frequently to look around and marvel.

Beautiful beaches.

The afternoon was so pleasant. It was fantastic to walk with wide sweeping vistas by my side.

The sun is slowly setting.

I made it to Mount Clare shelter by six and had an early night. I wanted to get into Walpole for coffee the next day.

I was up shortly after seven and did the 10.4 km into town in just over two hours

The trees are big around here

I arrived in Walpole a little after nine.

Approaching Walpole

I went straight for muffin and coffee at the local cafe.


I hung out in town for a while, because I was waiting for an important phone call. Around lunch time I ran into Phatmandu, who’d skipped ahead, and a biker that was doing the Munda Biddi Trail (the bike version of the Bibbulmun). We hung out for a while and chatted. Eventually we went our own ways, because we’d organised accommodations separately, and were staying in different places.

I got a single room at the local YHA, which was almost completely empty, and enjoyed the luxury of hot running water before turning in for the night.

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