08 Mar

Bibbulmun – S6 – Pemberton

7 March – 8 March 2019 | Days 18 – 19

Kilometres 553.5 – 612.7 >>> 59.2 (36.8 mi)

It was great having a lazy morning. I enjoyed a bit of a lie in. Eventually though, hunger drove me out of bed. I packed my bag and left the motel. It had been raining over night and it was still drizzling.

I walked back into town and went for a resupply at the IGA supermarket. I finally managed to be back on trail by twenty to eleven.

It was nice walking in the coolness of the rain and the forest smelled wonderful.

Just outside Pemberton on the way to the Gloucester Tree.

Shortly I arrived at the Gloucester Tree. It’s a giant Karri tree that’s been used as a fire lookuout and is the second tallest in the world, at 58 metres (190 ft). There’s a platform one can climb to. I was keen to climb it, but the area was shrouded in clouds and fog and I wouldn’t have been able to see anything. I decided that I would climb it on my way back (my plan was still to hike the Bib yo-yo).

The Gloucester Tree with the platform at the very top.

In the end I was lazy and only made it to the Warren campsite and settled down for the evening at night at ten to three. It continued to rain and it was really rather nice and cozy lying in my tent.

The next morning I was up just after eight was keen to put in a few miles.

Crossing the Warren River via the River Road Bridge.

In the early afternoon I entered a large burn area that offered a pretty astonishing colour theme to walk through.

Incredible orange colours after a bushfire.

I made it into Northcliffe at twenty past four. I stopped at the Northcliffe General Store for a quick resupply and some cold drinks.

I emptied a 1.5 litre bottle of ginger beer on the chairs outside the store, while I repacked my freshly acquired food. A small group of young local lads, probably 10 -12 years old, came by and they were curious what I was doing. We chatted and joked for a while, after I’d convinced them that I wasn’t completely mad. It was nice having some company for a change, even for just a few minutes.

Eventually I said goodbye to the boys and I made my way back into the bush. It was already ten past five and I wondered how far I’d walk today.

Sunset was at 6:44 pm today and that’s when I decided to stop. The next official campsite (Gardner), was still a little over 8 km (5 mi) away and I didn’t want to do any night hiking. So I found a sandy patch on the side of the trail and set up my tent. It was a bit slopy, but the sand made for soft bedding.

“Stealth” camping about halfway between Pemberton and Crowea.

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