Bibbulmun 2019

I hiked the Bibbulmun trail (BIB) in 2019 from Perth to Albany in south Western Australia. It took me 31 days and it was a great trip.

Amazingly, because I’d decided to hike the trail in summer, and the Bibbulmun trail website makes it out like it’s basically inevitable that I’d die a horrible death, if I hiked in summer, I had the trail basically to myself.

Below is a map of the trail, with all my campsites on trail and hotel rooms off trail, with the outline of the entire trail.

I have written a diary for each day with plenty of pictures to marvel at. The posts are sorted into the following trail sections:

  • S1 – The Darling Range
  • S2 – Dwellingup
  • S3 – Collie
  • S4 – Balingup
  • S5 – Donnelly River
  • S6 – Pemberton
  • S7 – Northcliffe
  • S8 – Walpole
  • S9 – Denmark

Below is my gear list, if you’re interested: